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of a reliable assayed fluid extract, which may be conven-
ientlv employed with a little water and dispensed at the
bedside in case of emergency.
Therapeutics. — The great importance of aconite as a
remedial agent, and the viried uses which have been found
for it, makes an attempt to include in a few paragraphs a
synopsis of the indications a task which will be incomplete
to a degree that is rather discouraging, as it will be impos- Diamox Online
sible to do more than hint at many of the applications. It
will be convenient, therefore, to refer to some of the n)ore
general diseased conditions in Diamox Price which it is useful, permitting
the reader to decide upon other uses from the principles
already laid down to govern in a very large number of cases
in which aconite might be regarded as suitable. In addi-
tion to what has been said of the antagonists should be
mentioned the fact that oxygen inhalations or the rectal
insufflation of the pure gas will form one of the most appro-
priate measures to be adopted.
Since, as heretofore mentioned, the presence of fever
is the key-note to its exhibition, it will be well to consider
the special indications for it in this class of cases; and, as
a preliminary, we have to note that the sthenic cases rather
than those which are generally classed as asthenic should
be the ones ordinarily selected. This leads to the observa-
tion that in certain conditions the utmost discrimination
will be required or failure will be the result; but it is hoped
this matter will be fully brought out in the following re-
marks, which have been deduced from actual clinical expe- Diamox Sr
rience, covering a range of cases such as we may assume
come under the eye of the general practitioner.
The usual simple or ephemeral fevers of childhood, and
not infrecjuently the fevers which attack adults as a result
of exposure along with a disordered condition of the stom-
ach, and which are often quite alarming in their onset, are
rapidly brought under control by the judicious use of aco-
nite, but to secure the best efiEects it will be advisable to
cover the ground and prevent relapses by a resort to qui-
nine after the activitv of circulation has been reduced. The
value of this procedure will be particularly noticeable in the
treatment of the ordinary forms of amygdalitis, or quinsy,
which is often but the local manifeslation of a more general
disturbance in the economy. Possibly there may be a
rheumatic clement to contend with, in which case it is best
to use sodium salicylate in combination with the aconite;
but in many of these cases there is no further complication
than a di.sordered stomach, to which is superadded a cold
more or less severe. When aconite fails to counteract the
local affection and tumefaction increases, threatening to go
on to suppuration, we have in the sulphide of calcium an
adjuvant the value of which can not be overestimated. In
addition to this, if the patient insists upon local measures,
a gargle of potassium chlorate may be added, and will prove
of service, I)Ut much dependence should not be placed on
this so long as there is present an elevated temperature.
As a rule, it may be stated that in all conditions in which
we have to deal with fever and local inflammatory action
affecting mucous surfaces, with the exception of adynamic
conditioTis, aconite is especially indicated. Not alone in
amygdalitis, but also in ordinary cases of sore throat, in
acute bronchial catarrh; in pneumonia, and in urethral fever,
aconite will be found particularly useful. Occasionally it
will be found that some persons are susceptible to cold,
they are frequent sufferers from sore throat, and there is a
relaxed condition of the mucous membrane, and where this
local morbid condition is not dependent upon some bron-
chial or pulmonary affection, the rule heretofore Diamox Cost laid down Diamox Sequels
finds an exception, and it will be found that the alternate
use of belladonna or its alkaloid atropine may be combined
with good effect ; and, in fact, the use of small doses of atro-
pine will often be suflicient to correct the trouble tempo-
rarily, which should then receive appropriate attention by
the internal use of remedies calculated to meet the consti-
tutional tendency. There is a form of febrile infu minatory
sore throat met with in scarlet fever epidemics in which
this method of treatment is especially applicable, but, as
thev often assume a typhoid character, it will be advisable
to combine with the other remedies the use of suitable
Acute bronchial catarrh, after the subsidence of the
more acute symptoms by the exhibition of aconite, will be
fully met by the administration of calcium sulphide, if
there is but little depression of the vitality, and by quinine
in the case of adynamia.
In the treatment of pneumoilia the same line of medica-
tion can be pursued with the best prospects of success, but,
owing to the high temperature, the activity of the circula-
tion, and the great restlessness of the patient, other meas-
ures will be demanded. Thus, as an adjuvant to the aco-
nite, gelsemium or veratrum must be added, but these reme-
dies are indicated only in Diamox Iv the congestive stage. Then,
again, something must be done for the cough and irritation
set up by the congestion, and we must have recourse to
opium in some of its forms. Perhaps nior[>hine will be
most satisfactory, if no idiosyncrasy exists, and tablets
containing one fiftieth of a grain of the sulphate can be
given at intervals of half an hour Diamox Sequel Buy Diamox Online for several hours, or until
the bronchial irritation shows Diamox 500 Mg a tendencj' to subside. Later
in this disease, when there is a tendency to spread, in addi-

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