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Os (he 1st of January the librarian, Dr. John L. Vander-
voort, will retire from the office of which he has discharged the
duties almost continuously since 1837. At the time of his ap-
pointment the library consisted of only 4,166 volumes, and was
open for the delivery of books to those privileged to use them
only on stated days, and for from an honr and a half to two
hours at a time. It was not for some years after that that a
daily service was established. From the time of the dis-
mautling of the old hospital building in Broadway to the open-
ing of the present building in Fifteenth Street, the library was
moved several times, but during all that time Dr. Vandervoort
managed to make it available to those who had occnsion to
make use of it. It is soon to be moved into a new building ad"
jaeentto Lamictal 200 Mg Price its present quarters. More than 14,000 volumes have
been added to it during Dr. Yandervoort's tenure of office.
We learn that his son will continue to di.'cbarge the duties of
assistant librarian. Both the hospital authorities and the medi-
cal profession of New York are indebted to Dr. Vandervoort
for his long and intelligent service.
The following seasonable tribute to our profession may be
found in the Christmas number of All the Year Round in a
story by Fargeon : "Surely there must be some beneficent in-
fluence at work that humanizes and softens the heart, that
makes it respond willingly and cheerfully to the appeals of
those who suffer 1 Numberless are the instances that can be
adduced of the wonderful goodness of physicians, renowned
and eminent, who sacrifice their time without expectation or
desire of return for the inestimable services they Lamictal Xr 300 Mg render. I Lamictal 15 Mg
have no hesitation in snying that of all arts it is the most en-
nobling and beautiful, and that its record of kind deeds is
maicliless and unapproachable. With all my heart I say,
• Heaven bless the doctors for all the good they do, for the gond
they are enabled to do.' "
In the Arc/iiv far pathologkche ATUitomie und Phyiiologie
U7id fur Minische Medicin, Dr. K. Yamagiwa calls attention to
two cases of severe cortical epilepsy in which post-mortem
sections of the brain revealed disseminated patches of Diitoma
pulmonale in the cortex. Microecopic examination showed, in
connection with the parasites, giant-cell and round-cell infiltra-
tion, thickened blood-vessel walls, and new connective-tissue
growth. Further research disclosed the Distonia in the lungs.
De. a. CiiEVAi.LEREAr, in the October number of the Ar-
chives de tocologie, details the histories of two cases of henji-
anopsia which came on after severe uterine h»morrhage. The
author was of the opinion that the prolonged s>ncope which
followed the haemorrhage might have given rise to blood co-
agula in some of the Lamictal 350 Mg branches of the cerebral arteries which
supplied that part of the cortex governing vision, or some of
the fibers of the optic tract.
Dr. M. Retniek, in the Renue de chirurgie, gives the result
of various experiments on animals with a culture of tetanus
germs. In every instance, after the inoculation the typical
symptoms were developed, and death followed in a short time.
The microscope demonstrated the bacilli of Nicolaier in every
Dec. 27, 1890.]
The treatment of different forms of granular conjunctivitis
with various strengths of corrosive-sublimate solution seems to
have given gootl results in the hands of Guaita {Annates d^ocii-
listique). The details of the treatment are published in the
Union medicale. The sublimate is used in strengths ot from

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