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peresthesia, spasticity, and stiffening.
From the Purchase Albenza Online foregoing narrative it is evident that
the tetany was of gastric origin, and that it is wise
to operate to relieve a functional as well as a me-
chanical disability ; pylorospasm being as strong an
indication for gastroenterostomy as stricture is.
521 1 Wayne Aveni'e. Germantown.
By Maximilian Schulm.w, M. D..
New York,
Instructor in Therapeutics, College of Plivsicians and Albenza Online Surgeons,
Columbia University; Chief of Clinic, De artment of .\pplied
Therapeutics, Vanderbilt Clinic.
In what follows I shall not take up signs, symp-
toms, etc., in orthodox sequence, but try to make
clear a few matters connected with mitral stenosis,
which Buy Cheap Albenza I have Generic Albenza reason to believe are not entirely
clear in the minds of many. Yet the points I shall
touch upon are Cheap Albenza of sufficient importance to make a
clear understanding of them desirable, and an Albenza Cost aid
to intelligent treatment.
The mechanical disturbance which results from
a stenosis of the mitral orifice produces a diffi-
culty in failing of the left ventricle. It is here to
be borne in mind that the mechanical disturbance
which results from a regurgitation at the mitral Order Albenza Online
orifice, on Order Albenza the contrary, causes a difficulty in
emptying of the left ventricle (in the proper direc-
tion). In the case of a pure Albendazole Albenza mitral stenosis (with-
out accompanying regurgitation ) , the left ventricle
has no difficulty in emptying itself of the normal Purchase Albenza
proportion of its contents, and in the normal direc-
tion, i. e., into the greater circulatory tree.
The statement is commonly made that a re-
gurgitation at the mitral orifice superadded to a
stenosis diminishes the mechanical embarrassment
by diminishing the obstruction. But we have
noted above that stenosis reduces ventricular fill-
ing, and Albenza Tablets in consequence does not permit of a suffi-
cient auricular emptying. The result is a super-
normal auricular content and pressure during
auricular relaxation fand ventricular systole).
Again, when the mitral Buy Albenza orifice is incompetent, the
left ventricle, during systole, forces some of its
blood backward into the left auricle, thus in
another manner causing a supernormal auricular
content and pressure during auricular relaxation
(and ventricular systole). I believe it thus be-
comes apparent that superadding a regurgitation
at the mitral orifice to a stenosis already existing
is merely adding to the Albenza Price embarrassment of the left
auricle, for both lesions hamper it in the same
direction, though by different mechanisms. While
it is true that anatomical stenosis may be reduced
in degree by a shrinking of the free edges of mitral
cusps which have produced stenosis by their lateral
adherence, the functional embarrassment of the
left auricle is in such manner not at all reduced,
for the extra quantity of blood given entrance to
the Buy Albenza Online ventricle during its diastole is quickly returned
to the auricle through the now incompetent valve
during the following ventricular systole, and Albenza 400mg the
peripheral circulation is not improved.
The same arguments hold true Albenza 200 Mg in regard to the
functional effect of the superaddition of stenosis
to an existing mitral regurgitation, and I cannot
understand such statements as, for example, the
following by Krehl : "... Indeed, we may say
in general that the stenosis which so often follows

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