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Related post: composition of a physician ; the protest says loudly that they Purchase Valtrex are strangers
to charity, and the consequence is as inevitable as it must be unpalatable
to them. But they do not see " that such a lesion under such circuui-
stances, should be explained upon the grounds of the operation of natural
causes." How different things appear when viewed through different
media ! Now we never heard of Dr. Simmons, nor of Drs. Blake, (F.K.
C.S), Morse and Morton, before in our lives ; yet, with the whole history
of this unfortunate case before us, we see all the j^rohabiliiics of the acci-
dent having happened to the patient before Dr. Simmons reached her at 7,
A. M., of the 29th September. When Dr. S. first saw the patient, she
seemed " much exhausted ; pulse quick and more feeble than I expected'to
find in one of her temperament; pains short and feeble; Valtrex Online face congested,
and some head symptoms, making me anxious in regard to puerperal con-
vulsions." The patient was taken in labor at 11 o'clock the previous even-
ing, but no progress had been made since 2, A. M.; consequently she had
been in labor only eight hours, and during the Ivi^t/ive hours the contrac-
tions had been inefficient and no progress had been made. Docs so little
labor as is here shown to have occurred, ever, per se, produce the symp-
toms which Dr. S. enumerates as existing in his patient when he first saw
her — a woman, too, who had previously been in good health ? On the
contrary, would not any practitioner of experience have at once, on the
strength of such symptoms and the previous history of the woman, sus-
Digitized by
744 New Orleans Medical News and Bbtpital Gazette,
pcoted some grave complication ? We feel sore that the reply of the ma-
jority of our brethren will be, no, to the first question, and, yes, to the last.
At any rate, Dr. Simmons has Valtrex Purchase the strength of our humble voice so far.
Did the ergot which Dr. S. gave at first produce the laceration by in-
creasing the contractile or expulsive efforts of the Get Valtrex uterus ? No one can
answer this question positivcli/, either pro or con. That it did not have Valacyclovir Valtrex
this injurious effect we think in the highest degree prohahU, In the first
place, the dose was small, and repeated but once at full interval : the U.
S. Dispensatory says, that the dose of wine of ergot for a woman in labor
is " two or three fluidrachms," whereas Dr. S. gave but one fluidrachm at
a dose. Again, Dr. S. tells us, that after the exhibition of the ergot the
pains increased in strength and regularity, and in an hour after the first
dose the second stage of labor was completed. He nowhere tells us that
the pains which expelled the child were at all excessive. The only error
that we can conceive of in his giving the ergot, was that he gave it when
he says, himself, that the soft parts were " firm and unyielding." Yet he
says that this was Online Valtrex the case before be gave the hip bath, and as he does not
tell us whether the soft parts relaxed under the action of the bath, he
leaves room for the Valtrex Order uncharitable to say that they did not. For ourselves,
we are Valtrex To Buy more willing to suppose that they did relax, and that he therefore
gave the ergot.
Did Dr. Simmons rupture the vagina of his patient by any rude mani-
pulation whatever ? We say emphatically, no. There is not the slightest
evidence, expressed Cheap Valtrex or implied, which can lead Valtrex Buy Online to such a conclusion
Moreover, we do not believe that an accoucheur could possibly inflict such
an injury on a woman, after the extrusion of the child, without causing
her Buy Valtrex such suffering as would induce the loudest complaints and make the
act on his part palpable to all in attendance. Such an idea, then, should
be summarily dismissed.
We say, then, that the "first" point in the protest under consideration
falls to the ground. The report of the committee shows by the best of
authority that rupture of the vagina can occur from the " operation of
natural causes," and there are no " circumstances" to prove that Dr. S.
had any agency whatever in producing the " IcFion ;" on the contrary,
everything goes to show that it occurred before he saw the patient.
The " second" point of the protest requires no comment. It is but a
repetition of the first, the language being so construed as to prove most
clearly a spirit of obstinacy and a total want of charity on the part of the
Digitized by
Editorial and Miscellaneous, 745
The 'Hhird'' point exhibits a gpirit of arrogance and dogmatism which
must disgust every man who is possessed of ordinary modesty. 'Valtrex Mg the general Conjectures of the committee ! V Valtrex Buy And
yet not one word in the way of argument or explanation will they deign
to favor us Buying Valtrex with. Surely it is not necessary that the oases cited by the
committee should be analogous to the case of Dr. Simmons in all their
details. The committee set out with the object of proving certain impor-
tant points in relation to laceration of the vagina ; they have proved them Valtrex For Cheap
beyond all caviling ; in so doing, the case of Dr. Simmons becomes com-
parative, and the comparison redounds to his advantage in ioto.
The " fourth" point of the protesters is, that " thei/ cannot convince thefn-
selves that such an exten^sive laceration could exist/or twelve or Ji/teen hours
without greater constitutional disturbance," nor can they believe that even

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