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Related post: ulcer causes no obstruction to the onward passage
of food. 4. In addition to gastroenterostomy, an
ulcer should be infolded when possible. 5. The Price Erythromycin Eye Ointment pos-
terior no loop form of gastroenterostomy with al-
most vertical application of the bowel to the stom-
ach is the most satisfactory method. 6. Regurgi-
tant vomiting follows the loop operation whether
anterior or posterior, but this may be relieved by
enteroanastomosis. The vomiting of bile may be
relieved by lavage, and after a time Cost Of Erythromycin 500mg may disappear
entirely. 7. In hour glass stomach the two lesions,
one in the body of the stomach and the other at
the pylorus, may necessitate a double operation.
• 7. Endresults Following Operations for Be-
nign Diseases of the Stomach and Duodenum. —
iJcavt-r analyzes his w(jrk in this field, and draws
the following conclusions, influenced by the imme-
diate dangers in the dift'erent varieties of operation :
I. The operation of choice should always be per-
formed when feasible, otherwise the operation of
necessity must be performed. 2. ,\11 cases of steno-
sis of the pylorus, whether due to neoplasm, cica-
tricial contraction, hyperplasia, or pylorospasm,
should be subjected to operation, preferably to pos-
terior gastrojejunostomy. 3. All cases of ulcer of
the stomach which do not Cheap Erythromycin promptly respond Cost Erythromycin Ophthalmic to med-
ical treatment, and the various sequels of this dis-
ease, should Order Erythromycin be treated by operation. 4. All cases
of ulcer of the duodenum which do not promptl>
respond to medical treatment Cost Erythromycin Ointment should be subjected
to operation. 5. The author's preference in f)er-
forming gastroenterostomy is by the posterior gas-
trojejunostomy, no loop, clamp route.
June, igoS.
1. Intestinal Intoxication in Infants,
By R. B. Kimhall.
2. Some .\dvanccs in Infant Feeding, By F. H. Lamb.
3. Sanitary Milk. By P. G. Heinemann.
4. The Serum Treatment of Cerebrospinal Meningitis,
By L. E, La F^tra.
5. Symposium on Rhoumatism in Children, Buy Erythromycin
Philadelphia P.'ediatric Society.
I. Intestinal Intoxication in Infants. — Average Cost Erythromycin Kim-
ball enipbasizcs the t;reatcr ini]iortance of this con-
July 25. 1908.]
ditiini in children than in adults. Many lives are
sacrificed on account of ignorance upon this sub-
ject. Many supposed cases of Price Erythromycin meningitis, cerebral
lueniorrhagc. and other grave central conditions are
due to intestinal reflexes alone. The author does
not include cases which are accompanied by diar-
rhcta. but only those in which the poison is locked
up within the bowel, with rapid absorption. Only
heroic measures in such cases will cause the bowel
to empty itself. The treatment for these cases
sho.uld consist mainly Buy Cheap Erythromycin of cathartics, and of these
calomel and castor oil in large, even heroic doses,
are to be preferred. Pure castor oil may be given
every few hours Price Erythromycin Ophthalmic Ointment for several days w-ithout fear.
Enteroclysis should be used in these cases if the
temperature is high, and if there are bloody stools
and tenesmus. In delicate babies it is a dangerous
procedure. In severe toxic cases irrigation should
supplement cathartics, and the bowel should Cost Erythromycin Topical be
thoroughly washed out. Concerning food, fresh
milk should not be given until all traces of infection
have Cost Erythromycin Eye Ointment disappeared. The author prefers a diet con-
taining equal parts of animal broth and cereal de-
coction ; in other words, chicken, mutton, or veal
broth, with equal parts of granum, barley, or arrow-
root gruel. The last is to be reserved for cases of
diarrhoea. In acute cases give only pure water, or
albumin water containing also a little brandy.
2. Some Advances in Infant Feeding. — Lamb
summarizes his paper as follows: i. The most im-
portant thing in infant feeding is to know the
amount taken Cost Erythromycin Ophthalmic Ointment in twenty-four hours. The only way
to do it is to calculate energy quotients. 2. The
percentage method is uncertain and complicated.
3. The quantity Online Erythromycin of food and not the percentage is Erythromycin Online
desirable. 4. Overfeeding Purchase Erythromycin is the commonest cause
of nutritional disturbance, and is a clinical entity.
5. Fat in cow's milk is to be feared. 6. Fat causes
constipation, proteids do not. Cost Erythromycin 7. Curds in stools
are not proteid, but calcium soaps, fatty acids, or
fats. 8. Casein is not difficult to digest, does not
cause digestive disturbance, nor undergo putrefac-
tion in the intestine. 9. The new born infant can
digest starch. 10. Dextrins and starches are valu-
able additions to milk feeding. 11. The volume of
a child's food should depend on its weight and
should never exceed 36 to 38 ounces. 12. The
interval between feedings should never be less than
three hours, and after the third month of life should
be four hours.
3. Sanitary Milk. — Heinemann repeats that
the sterilization of milk w^ith destruction How Much Does Azithromycin Cost of its
harmful Cost Erythromycin Gel bacteria is not sterilization in the modern
bacteriological sense. The disadvantages of treat-
ing milk by heat after pasteurization, from a bac-
teriological point of view, are more pronounced
than they are after sterilization. Pastevtrized milk
is not fit for consumption after twenty-four hours.
Pasteurization does kill the pathogenic bacteria.
Clean milk may be and has been produced, which
will remain sweet for two weeks or even longer.
The great trouble is that it is very expensive to
produce sanitary milk, and the price must be raised

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