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Subject: MINOTAUR MAN.This is (OF teen 14 yearsold fuck COURSE) fictional..A story of a mythological creature. and a man's experience surviving the
beast.The first part of the story is How he gets to where the beast is. then the
real 13 years xxx free
fun starts. 15 years young sluts
Hope you enjoy....
Minotaur Man
I had been imprisoned for attempting to kill Caesar. I was to be
sentenced in the morning. I teen 17 nude year
sat in my stone cell waiting for the dawn. I
had been betrayed by Cervious, someone I thought my friend. 14 years fuck But now I'm
here waiting to die. The early evening came and I heard the cell door
opening. A large guard came in to give me my food. He was massive, about
6'4" and muscular. His large thighs 17 years nude picture
were covered in dark fur. I gazed up at
him. He had a ruggedly handsome face under his full beard. His large arms
crossed as 16 year old non-nude he 13 year teensex watched virgins nude13 year me. I ate quickly knowing that he 12 year porno may pull it away
from me at any time. But I kept finding myself looking at his powerful
form. Those sumptuous legs beckoned at me. I wanted to touch him so
desperately. To have one last moment of sex porn 14 years pleasure before death came. He
sensed my desire as tgp 12-16 year he watched me. He pulled my food away."No more for you, for you die tomorrow" He 15 years teen porn
growled.I 16 year younggirl fuck grabbed sixteen year old pussies
at his arm little fuck girl-14 year
to reach for the food. It best teen years porno
knocked him off balance. 14 years sex porno He
fell over the skirt that covered his loins pulled up and I saw a large lump
in garments. I fell on him, my face landing at his upper thigh. The rough
hair raked at my face. I looked up to see the large mass pulse. I was about
to grab for it when he pulled away from me. He hit me and pushed me down
again."Touch a roman guard will twelve years girlssex free you" He growled."When I come back teen under 14years agenaked later I will teach you a lesson boy"With that he picked up the plate and walked out closing the girls - 15 years-foto door behind
him. About 3 14year old boys pictures hours later I was starting to fall asleep on the fur rug below my
when naturist 13 years girls the 14years old girls
guard came back. He flung open the door, and quickly grabbed
me. He lifted his garment and shove my face in his groin. I could smell the
sweat rising off his crotch."This is what you desired scum. teen 14 year xxx Now take it" He growled.He ground my face into his pouch for several moments. I felt sex cildren 12-year-old anal his dick
harden and 11year old girl porn
it rubbed my face. He pushed me back onto the rug. Removed his
uniform and stood before me. He was a masterpiece of a man. His big strong
chest covered teen video 16 years in the dark hair that 13 year sex free was on his legs. He came close to me
and pulled my 16 years-old virgin pussy face to his pouch again. Then he lifted the hem of it up and
his huge equipment fell out. He was utterly massive."Open your mouth or I'll smash your face" He yelled.I did as he commanded. He slid the large head of his shaft into my
mouth. His taste was strong and unclean. He drove his huge tool into my
throat, pulling on the back of my head to dig it in deeper.His heavy balls hit my chin as teens 15 years sex-girls
his cock was fed down all the way into my
throat."Eat my shaft boy" He grunted as he pulled back and slammed down my throat
again.The 16 years girl nakedpictures 14 years nude pungent taste began to excite me. I reached for my own shaft and pulled
it from my robe. I stroked myself to match his pushing his large dick into
my mouth. My pedo 7 years old
tongue 16 year old girls licked and drooled about little pussy 14 years his enlarged head. I slurped
him deeply into my hungry throat. His about 13years nude girls
balls continued to hit my chin."Ugh, Ugh, Ugh, Ugh" moaning sounds came from him."Yes. That feels ever so good. You would make a wonderful slave"His body began to twitch as asian 17years old fuck I lavished his cock with my tongues love. Then
he pulled out abruptly."We need to stop or I'll explode in your mouth.""Yes" I shrieked. "I want to taste your seed master""No" he 13 year girl porn growled. "I must rut you like an animal"He pushed me down on my back and lifted my legs up. He lowered his face to
my hole."I must nude schoolgirl 16 years have your anus boy" he 16 year nude movies
said.With that he stuck his tongue out and lick my ass hole. The wet slab of
meat pushed into my chute. I shrieked from the pleasure as 14 year old fucking he began to eat
at my ass. His bearded naked 14yearold pussy face raking at the tender 13years sex xxx hole drove me utterly
mad. I reached for his head and held him down on me."MMMM. Yes master. Feast on my hungry hole. Please" I begged. I grabbed my dick again and young 15 years hentai pumped hard to milk my balls. I twitched on
his face as he drilled his tongue deep in my ass."UGGHH, oh yes, UGHH"Then he pulled off and lifted my legs over his foto nude 14 years shoulders. He looked down at
me with lustful eyes."Take my shaft boy" he growled.I looked down to see his 10 inch cock childrens 13 years nudes
nonude 13 years old
ready to 17 years porno pierce me. It 13 years girls porn was so thick
and it glistened from spit.Then I felt his heavy teens 14 years nude club push at my chute. He pulled on my legs and
slammed down hard into me."AAAWWWWW" I groaned as his cock sunk deep into me. He didn't stop until he
hit my button, 12 years little porn
as he smashed into my button, his head flexed on it. That
was my trigger. I gripped my shaft 16 year naked gallerie hard and by body shook violently in
orgasm."OH my Caesar, I'm going to explode. Oh by the Gods. Here I go" I screamed. My cum shot out several feet into the air. Some flew over my head, and
some hit my face. This excited him as 17years girls sex he pulled 65 years porn
on my body and began to
fuck me madly. I looked up at him. He plowed his gut crusher into me like
an animal, quick jabbing thrusts in and out my aching hole. As my body
stopped shaking I grabbed his strong arms and pulled him down to me, his
arms on 10 years girlsxxx
the floor on each side of me. He continued to pump his heavy dick
furiously at my ass, my ass walls stretching to accommodate his thickening
shaft. I felt full inside from his thick cock. I gallery pussy 16 years
pulled myself up and began
to kiss and nibble at his hairy brute chest. He was childs 12 years nude sweating fotos 16 year naked profusely
now. I could taste it on him. I wrapped my arms around his large torso as I
worshipped his 13 year old fucking upper body. My dick rubbed against his furry body, creating
an intense friction on it."YES my master. Take me now. I belong to you."He grunted his responses. 12 years russia sex "MMPH, Ugh, Ugh, MMph""Yes father nude16 year
of my lust. Crush at my love button. 14year child porno image Shatter it with you
member"He picked up the pace. His arms slid under me as he held me on his 13 years girl porn big
shaft. porno 15 year His large balls slapped against my aching ass repeatedly. The
slapping noises filling my empty room. I teen sex pussy 13year felt my cock stiffen again as he
kept hitting my prostate. He continued to push into me for the next 20
minutes."This hole 12 year funlumpkinsing is making me delirious" He shouted.My cock rubbed against fifteen years girls fucking
his 13years old fucking
furry gut. I was coming close to another
blissful orgasm. upskirt 14 year old
I needed not touch myself from the feeling of the wiry
hair on his 17years teens sexy massive body. Then my body tensed again. I defloration first 15 year was about to shoot
another load. My balls began to erupt 14 years girlssex
again. This caused my ass 16 years girl fuck
walls to
clamp down on his thick cock, squeezing down on his shaft."AAAIIIEE" I shrieked. "I'm shooting again"He reared up and slammed down into me. My ass walls raked along every inch
of his big dick forcing him to join me in 14 year lesbian orgasm, he shook ever so
violently."AAARRRGGGHHHHH" He cried. "UMMMH, nude 12 year
UGGHHH, UGGHHH"He bucked madly nude16 year teen pics into me as he came. I felt the first fiery bullet tear into
me. It pornogirls bis 17 year hit my button, burning at it like molten lava. He continued to pump
my chute as he unloaded a dozen volleys into 14 year pic me. I 17 yearsold sexy teens bit down on his furry
nipple as my orgasm continued. Mine subsided as his continued. He drowned
my insides with his precious 16 years sex porno seed.After several moments he stopped. 16 yearsold porn He slowed and hugged me. Then he pressed
his lips to mine, and kissed me."You are an incredible lover" He said lightly.He kissed me again. Then he rolled off me and lay there on the rug. Panting
and catching his breath. I crawled up onto him and kissed his big chest."What's your name my master?" I asked."Brutus" He answered. "And you 14 year asian nude
my lover?""I am Joshua my master" I continued. "Tis a shame I am to die tomorrow. I
would wish to be your slave if sexy 12 year you would 15 year old cumshots
have me sir"As I looked at his handsome face, he nodded off to sleep. I lay there with
him for an hour. Then when I knew he was totally 14 year nakes girls asleep. I crawled up off
him and made my escape in walked out my cell and snuck out. I found some
clothes drying on a string and changed. I walked right out the city and
left forever. I had been walking for days it seemed, finding it hard to find food. teens year litle pussy But I
ate what ever small animals or even bugs that crossed my path, the hills
and forests surrounding me. Then 14years old naked I came to a clearing. There was a large
cave before me. I figured to stay the night there. I walked in and saw
human bones. At first I was afraid, but thought better just to stay here. I
walked over to a small rise in the cave, climbed up and fell to sleep
there. The morning came quickly as I woke to the sounds of heavy foot
steps. Then I heard a man scream below."No. please let me go." He shrieked.I looked down to see the fairly large chunky man was being dragged into the
cave by a huge beast of some sort. The monster was nude girls 14 years almost 9 feet porn 14 years old tall. It
had the body of a man and the head of a bull, 13 years girls sex
albeit the body was
incredibly built. The man's porn 17year old girl body it had was huge. He had giant arms and a
massive chest that was covered in a 13 years nude
lustrous fur. 15 years nude teens14 year teen porn He legs were like tree
trunks and he 16 years youngest porn
had 13 years old nudes hooves instead of feet. His lower body was covered in a
large draping loin cloth made of animal skins. I found myself almost
aroused by the sight of the beast. He dragged the man into the depths of
the caves. I ducked my head when the beast stopped. He looked around and
sniffed at the air."Gads, could he 12 years girls fuck
smell me" I thought. He looked about for another moment.
Snorted and walked into 17years young nudists girls the cave. I crawled down from my stoop and was
about to leave when I heard the man scream again. Then I heard the beast
speak, a low guttural roar."Silence slave" He growled. 16 year porno
"You will now pleasure me"......
End of part 1.....Orlirz65
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