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Related post: Date: Wed, 10 Jul 2002 19:51:37 -0700
From: Scott Lockhart
Subject: my girlfriend made me do it-part 14I'm free! I have survived a hellish eight weeks of summer school, and now I
can finally enjoy my...last five weeks of summer by finding a new job...hmm.
Well anyway, the good news is, I can stop spending my Saturdays scrounging
the city for the lowest prices illegal fuck 12 yo
on basswood and exacto blades, and I don't
have to stay up until two o'clock in the morning pouring molds out of
Pourstone and Plaster of Paris. Do you guys know what I had to do on my
birthday? I had to find a site on campus and draw to scale EVERYTHING:
benches, trash cans, even the squares in the concrete. It took me all day.
The next day I had to make a model out of cardboard, which easily took
fifteen hours, and again they didn't give it a second glance.
Other good news, I can finally stay on top of this story, I got some sudden
inspiration, and I have written three new chapters all ready, but I'm going
to stagger them out over the next week, so that I can write some more. It's
been really fun writing this story, but a lot of pressure too. Hopefully,
the lack of an architecture studio breathing down my neck will make it
easier to write. I hope to hear from you all soon. Ciao!Since it has been so long since I last posted, I'm gonna recap for a minute:
Austin's been in LA for four days now, and so far, he feels he's done
nothing but cause problems within the group, and with JC. Last night, he
temporarily got over his fears and went ahead and made amends with JC, both
because he was guilty for feeling something for amateur 03 Lisa, the Jive receptionist,
and because he was afraid that Justin was trying to move in. This morning,
Joey reveals that he feels like sex 3gp videolar Josh has been hiding a lot from him, and
that he doesn't treat him like a real friend, just mainly like a coworker.
He resents JC's closeness to Justin and Austin, and decides to be an asshole
because he feels colombian sex 13yo
rejected. Meanwhile, Austin decides to find 3 girls give blowjobs Lisa and
explain how he's sorry, but he's gay, and therefore nothing can happen
between them, and then later tell Josh about everything.
Stunned, I stood there staring for a minute, prompting the girl to peer
concernedly cinema st germain c2l
back at me, and say, "Is there a problem?"
I hesitated for a second, then said, "No, everything's fine," and backed up
a few steps. Where was Lisa? This wasn't good...had she decided that
avoiding me was her solution? I couldn't really blame her, considering I had
made the same decision, but still. I needed to talk to her anyway, and tell
her that what we felt for each other was wrong, and that it was no good for
either of us to even dwell on it.
I slowly backed away from the garish blue plastic receptionist's desk,
still lost in my thoughts, and decided I needed to sit down. I found a handy
but uncomfortable couch sitting in the foyer, and I collapsed onto it. If
Lisa took the week off, I would never see her again, 3 shrimp
because I was leaving
at the end of the week. I didn't have any means of contacting her...we had
only been out to lunch, and we had been too terrified to exchange phone
numbers or anything. And I wanted to tell her how sorry I was. I should
probably tell her that I was with a guy, that might freak her out, but FR4E SEX ZOO at
least it was the truth.
If I were any smarter, I would have just asked the girl at the desk if she
had Lisa's home number, but I wasn't thinking. I just headed dbz episode 11 back to the
lounge, thinking that maybe it was for the best that Lisa was gone. This
way, I didn't have to hurt her feelings by staying with Josh, and she didn't
have to think she'd be hurting mine by staying with whoever she was with.
I entered the 14 yo hairless boys lounge and suddenly had an urge to hit something, really
hard, to get out all my frustration. Why couldn't Lisa just talk to me? Why
was Joey being such an asshole? Why did the people Josh worked for have to
work him so hard? That little shit in the suit, probably all of five feet
tall, just wandering around, barking orders. Were they even allowed to sit
down? If josh hadn't given me the little I-don't-need-you-to-defend-me
speech a few minutes before I would have been all over his ass. Joey and
Chris too, who the hell did they think they were?
Obviously, that solution is pretty immature and ill-thought out. But it was
the only thing I could come up with, because nobody told me a damn thing.
Everyone here treated me like I was a little kid. I wasn't allowed to see
Josh in rehearsal, I wasn't allowed to talk to him, or hang out with him,
and everyone was acting stupid about the Josh and me thing.
I bet I knew what happened. Joey told Lisa about me being gay, and she
freaked. Didn't even give me a chance to explain. And since Joey was being
such an ass about it, thinking that I was trying to play everyone, that
seemed more than likely something he would do. As for Chris...well, he and
Joey seemed pretty close. Maybe Joey had convinced him to get in on it.
But, I had a suspicion that there was more here than meets the eye, and
that something about the way Chris and Joey ditched the meeting this under 16 sexy pics morning
showed a little more than refusal to accept me and Josh as a couple. I had
noticed it a little yesterday, when Lance had chewed me out after being late
with Lisa.
There was a rift going between Josh and Justin, and Joey and Chris. Lance
was sort of in between, but that was how they always seemed to split up.
Maybe they were just closer, but I felt a little hostility going down. It
might have just been me, but I think it had been going on since before I had
come to town, and I was willing to bet that it had little to do with Josh's
being gay, although that seemed to escalate the fact. Joey was totally
pissed that both Justin and Lance knew about Josh, and that they had kept
him in the dark all this time. He resented the fact that those three were a
little closer, and it seemed more and more likely that his
nothing-really-bothers-me personality was all an act, kind of like the
strong and silent thing I had going. He had been totally the cool cucumber
at Disneyland, and at the club later. But whenever something big went down,
or something really dramatic, he totally went berserk. He didn't know how to
handle it, and I didn't exactly understand why, until I thought about how he
had reacted so violently when I had let slip that Lance and Justin had
already known before Josh and I met. At the time, I thought he was being
totally irrational, but now, if my theory that they were already slowly
dividing was true, this morning might have just been the tip of the iceberg,
and that a lot of other similar, secret-keeping had been going on for years.
Maybe Joey had handled it better in the past, but enough was enough, since
this was a pretty major secret we had been holding from him. Either way, I
felt sort of bad for him.
And now I thought I knew why he had blown up at me. I had barely met Josh,
but I knew just as much about him as Justin or Lance. Probably even more.
Joey had known him for a lot longer, and Josh still didn't tell him
everything, so I could sort of see why he would be hostile to me. Also, my
involvement with Lisa, however innocent, gave him a way to disguise his
resentment towards me as honest concern for his friend, and gave him some
dirt on me to get me out of the picture. He was now in a good position to
watch me squirm, which was why he didn't show up at the meeting.
This thinking explained a lot about Joey, but I have no idea why Chris also
didn't decide to come either, outside of possibly also feeling resentful,
and wanting to help out Joey. But I had a sneaking suspicion that it might
have nude 15 y.o
to do with his personality, which I had sort of dismissed when I first
met him. Chris reminded me of a streetpunk, someone you didn't want to mess
with. He didn't have the height like me, or the bulk like Mike, but his
hard, wiry frame and shrewd eyes made you think twice about him. He was real
quiet, and he gave off the kind of skin head attitude I've seen before. One
of those guys that hates jocks. Unfortunately, I kind of fit into that
category, so I knew we would never be the best of friends, but he had seemed
pretty decent when we 6 inch strap ons had hung out together.
In fact, he reminded me of a dude I used to work with on the school paper
back in high school. His name was Jayson, and he listened to death metal
bands and Eminem, wore stuff in all black and shaved his head. Kind tits 12yo
of a
goth, but he was pretty smart. He thought I was a typical dumb ass jock,
because I was kind of a major ball player, but he wasn't openly hostile. He
did campus issues, and I did sports. Anyway, the problem came when our
faculty editor had a meeting to vote on who would 13-17 yo no nude become the student
circulation editor senior year. Me, Jayson, and this other girl had all
decided to go for it, and after the vote I won, though narrowly. Jayson
hated me ever since, and I heard him muttering shit under his breath all
that next year, about how all jocks are Final fantasy 9 zidane
fags in secret, because they like to
grope each other and get all sweaty, and all that locker room bullshit. I
didn't let it 18 knit skirt bother me, but Chris' similar look and stance reminded me of
that. Chris might have just been one of those homophobes, but not a violent
kind. But that answer seemed too simple.
This was all getting too heavy for me to handle. I decided SEX HORSE PO5N TUBE that I wanted to
get the fuck out of this place. I wanted to spend my vacation at the beach,
not sitting in a lounge with absolutely nothing to do but mull over this
complicated, confusing situation. However, I didn't know how close the beach
was from 2010 pontiac vibe 2azfe where I was at, and I certainly had no idea how I would actually
get there. Not to mention that I had no ffx2 porn one to go with. I kind of wished I
had told Tony what I was really doing this week 14-16 old nude pics
and that he had forced me to
take him 2 swing valves with me. It would have been so much better with him around, not all
this silence and this stupid fucked up cold studio. Even knowing that I
would see Josh in a few hours wasn't enough. I needed to get my mind off of
Joey and Lisa and Justin and everything else or I'd go stir crazy.
Who could I get to go out with me? Everyone was busy. Lisa was nowhere to
be found, and she was part of the problem so I didn't want to go with her
much either. The only person I could think of would be Mike, but come on.
The dude had to be at least twenty five, and he was supposed to be working.
I'm not really used to hanging around with older people, even dudes only
like five years older. On the other hand, Josh was twenty five, and he was
relatively with it. What am I saying, he was cooler than I was. He knew all
about the right clothes, the right clubs, how to dance. Still, it just felt
In any case, Mike was my best bet, so I sought him out, looking in that
corridor I had seen him last. He was walking down the hall, looking through
doors for someone, but he spotted me at the end of the hall and stopped, so
I guessed that he was looking for me.
"Hey buddy, you have a way of disappearing," he said casually, as I walked
up to him.
"Sorry man, I just went to the front desk for something," I said casually.
"Were you looking for me?"
"Uh-huh. JC wants me to keep an eye on you, but after you guys left that
room I lost track of ya," he said, smiling.
"JC wants you to keep an eye out for me?" I repeated. That was weird. I
didn't need a bodyguard, what was Josh thinking?
"He said you'd probably be bored hanging around 12 rubber mens boots here all day, so he wanted
me to make sure you wouldn't get into any trouble," he explained. Hmm, Josh
has to stop being such a worrywart.
"Sweet," I 23 sexy latinas answered, grinning for the first time today. "I was just
thinking of finding someone to get my ass outta here."
"Wait a minute. I don't think I'm supposed to let you leave. I'm just
supposed to keep you entertained, kid."
"Getting out of here would keep me entertained," I pointed out.
"You want me to get you out of this place?" he repeated.
"Definitely. I'm gonna freak out if I don't see something besides that
lounge all week," I said.
He thought peachez 18 galleries it over. Finally, he sighed. "IF I take you out of 14 old porn here, where
do you want to go?" he said. He was trying not to say yes, but I could tell
he wanted to skip work as much as I wanted to get the hell out of here.
"Anywhere," I said, pleased that I was getting to him.
"You'll have to be a little more specific, man," said Mike, and I laughed.
"How about the beach?" I said, though the idea of going with Mike Scat man mp3
seemed kind of dumb. Maybe he could buy me some beer though...
"You wanna go to the beach?" he said, feigning surprise.
"Yeah, I wanna go to the beach," I said, taking him on.
"With me?" he said, sarcastically.
"You're the only dude I know in town right now who's free and has a car, so
shit, why not?" I said.
"All you kids wanna do is go to the beach," he said, shaking his head
"Kid, what the fuck you talking about?" I said, my chest rising out as I
struggled to seem taller than I was. 19165 acme female
Acting just like a little proud kid, no
"Arright, you got a suit?" he said, finally giving in.
"At Josh's house," I answered, and he nodded.
So we went to the beach. Mike was real cool like that, and after stopping
off at Josh's condo, which he had a key for, he took me straight to the
beach, talking about his life, and how he was just doing security work until
he got some work as an actor. I told him how it was weird that everyone here
seemed to work one job, but really wanted to be in show business, explaining
a little bit of Lisa's situation. He admitted that he didn't know Lisa all
that well, but he did know that a asian president 1948-1960 lot of people were here for the glamour,
not the wages.
He drove a pretty sweet green Beamer, and I remarked on how he was able to
afford that on his salary, and he smirked and said he had friends in high
places. I assumed 15 sex
that meant that a rich girlfriend had bought him the car,
but I was too tactful to say anything else.
Before we actually went Hentai gallery 11 to the beach, he took me to a mall, because he
claimed he didn't have a suit, and I agreed. The beach wasn't going
anywhere, but it was almost eleven o'clock. I'm not big on shopping, but I
didn't want to wait in the car, so we headed through the mall, trying to
find something for him. For me too, because I needed a pair of shades. Also,
as I noticed from summers before, 15 y.o porn if I continued to wear a ball cap as often
as I do, I develop a kind of baseball player's tan line, across my forehead.
I wanted to find a visor and some sunscreen. I didn't want my vacation to
involve a sunburn.
We got the shit from a beach supply store, then headed over to some
California Surfing store, where I waited for Mike to pick out a suit. While
we were in there, Josh called me on my phone.
"Hey," he said before I could answer. "I heard you aren't here anymore."
"Oh yeah, I got Mike to take me out," I said casually, instantly feeling
guilty that I hadn't called to tell him. "I needed to get out and stop
thinking about everything that's going on," I said.
"That's fine, but Austin, you had me worried sick! I almost called the
police before I noticed Mike was gone too!"
"I'm sorry..."
"Next time, just tell me when you decide you want to leave! I would have
let you!" He sounded frantic.
"Jesus, You hardly know your way around this city! What if you'd gotten
hurt, or..."
"Josh, calm down!" I finally said. "I'm fine alright! You have to stop
worrying about me. Nothing happened."
"I know, blow jobs 2 girls but when I came by about half an hour ago to see if you wanted
something from the deli cart, I was kind of hurt that you weren't there."
"I'm sorry," I said again, getting annoyed.
"It's not your fault. It's just...well, Joey and Chris showed up about a
half 24 porn 7
an hour late, and Johnny chewed em out, so now they're blaming me," he
"Those fuckers," I said.
"Well...I feel really bad about not telling them about us, but you know how
hard it is," he said.
"Dude, tell me about it," I said. I knew. "Don't let them bug you. They're
the ones with the problem."
"I know," he said, sighing. We stayed quiet for about a minute, me
imagining him in his dressing room, getting ready for another routine.
"I miss you," he said.
"I miss you too, but I'll see you tonight, ok? Until then, do your best,
and sex and zen 2 you'll be fine. Don't worry about me."
"Where are you anyway?"
"I'm at some mall with Mike. We're going to the beach."
"I wanted to be the one to take you to the beach," he said, protesting.
"You just want to see me in a bathing suit," I teased, looking around to
make sure there was no soccer mom or something listening to my conversation.
Coast was clear.
"Well...that too...," he said, laughing.
"You can take me tomorrow, but I can't stay in amatuer 16 anal
that fucking lounge another
second or I'll go crazy," I said.
"Yeah, I figured. Anyway, besides calling to chew you out...I also have a
surprise planned for tonight, ok? So make sure you're back here by about
nine thirty."
"A surprise?" I said hesitantly. I don't like surprises. "What kind of
"If I tell you, it wouldn't be porn under 16
a surprise now would it?"
"Oh come on, you know I hate surprises," I protested.
"You'll like this one," he said suggestively.
"If you're part of it, I'll like it," I answered.
"I'm not saying anything," he said, and I could feel him smiling. "But I
know you'll like it. Can I count on you at nine thirty then?"
"Damn straight," I answered. "See you then, sexy."
As I hung up, I looked up to see Mike looking at me oddly. How long had he
been standing there? "Who were you talking to?" he said, smiling
"No one," I said totally unconvincingly. Like Tony tells me, I can't lie
worth shit, and sure enough, Mike started prompting me with "Didn't sound
like no one."
"Well, it was just a friend," I said, blushing furiously.
"Mmm-hmm," he board3 tights
said, but didn't say anything else. "You ready for the
"Definitely," I said, anything to keep the conversation off Josh. I wasn't
so much concerned about how Mike might treat me sarah peachez 16 pics if porn for 18 I told him I might be gay
as I was concerned about Josh. Mike worked for him, and he could do a lot
more damage to Josh's career, you know by telling the whole world that Josh
was gay, if I told him that free pics 14 we were together. I just kept my trap shut,
something I'm pretty good at.
I spent the day clowning around with Mike at the beach, and then at a
couple of other places, which was 2010 nudes poppin cool. Mike was cool, because he never
asked about personal shit and stuff, and it was like we were just a couple
of guys. 15 girl nude It was b12 prostate a lot better 40s nude than having to worry about what to say, and who
not to piss off, like when I was with N'Sync. They were too dramatic for my
There were a lot of hot chicks at the beach, and more than a few of 14yo sluts them
seemed interested in me, bbw mature fat 05
which Mike commented on. He was actually quite a
ladies magnet himself, being 6'5 and about 230 lbs of solid muscle. He was a
flirt too, and actually had a couple of girls saying that he should come on
back tomorrow, but we weren't collecting phone numbers or anything. We
played some volleyball with these other dudes, and rented some boogie
boards, and stuff, and had a pretty good time.
At around sunset, though, ge silicone zzr 765 we were both pretty tired from the physical
California culture, and my shoulders were looking a little red, even though
I wore a lot of sunscreen, so we jetted and got back to the studio around
seven thirty. We stopped so that Mike could get back into his security guard
The day off had worked. I had completely forgotten all about Lisa and Joey
and Chris, and 6 kiddie porn had just had fun, which was good. But now that we were back,
a familiar feeling of gloom came over me. I was starting to hate the 1 babe 3 guys
Surprisingly, the windows were all dark. I guess I should have known that
the place closes, but never having been there after six o'clock, I guess I
hadn't given it a second thought. pussy 13 y.o. pics
During the day, Josh had called me four
more times for extremely brief chats, and each time he was slightly out of
breath, as if he had just finished dancing his cute little butt off, which I
imagined he had. The dancers had to work hard, but the security and
administration and management didn't; they got to go home before dark. What
I relayed this thought to Mike, Hentai page 4 who somewhat agreed, but also reminded me
that the group made millions, so it really wasn't such a bad trade off.
Maybe, but that still made it hard for me to see him, I reasoned. Mike told
me that it wasn't unusual for them to be working after nine at night,
especially before a big concert.
As we were walking up to the front entrance, Mike started telling me about
how many problems that there were with this performance. He said he had a
friend that was on the stage crew down in Cancun right now who had told him
that something was going wrong with their stage equipment, and they might
not be ready in time. He also said that there was also some problems with
the MTV network, but he didn't really know much about them, just that they
were giving Josh's company a hard time.
He unlocked the front glass doors after putting in a security code in the
alarm box to the right of the doors, and I walked in, hot and a little tired
from our day at the beach.
"Hey Mike," I said, suddenly getting an idea. "Do you think it would be ok
if I got to see them right now? I mean, I have nothing else to do," I said,
tying to make it sound like no big deal.
"I don't know, " he said, frowning slightly. "Management usually frowns on
having unauthorized visitors from the public in here, you know, just for
security precautions."
"But you're security. Can't you let me in for just a second?" I said,
trying to see if I could test the strengths of our new friendship.
He sighed. "Well, since babysitting you is probably the most fun I get to
have on this job..., " he said, and I grinned. "I don't see why not."
"Sweet! Thanks, dude," I said, and I followed him down the forbidden
hallway to that place with all the recording equipment. He unlocked the
door, and I saw that it was dark.
Uh-oh. I thought, panicking. Not another one of those "Let's tell him that
we're working 'til ten, but bof2 katt hentai
really we quit at six, let Austin find his own
way home" bullshit is it?
But Mike looked up and said, "They must be at the dancing studio. It's the
next building over." Relieved, I followed him out of the building, and
across to another, identical building across the pavement, minus the
inviting glass double doors. He slid his key card through the slider at the
side, and we entered into a small, dimly lit hallway. It veered off to the
right, exposing a large room full of costumes and clothes on racks, that was
lit with a pair of fluorescent overhanging lights, but was empty. I could
hear some music coming from somewhere, and it got louder as I followed Mike
around the dancing studio. I was trying to look at everything at once, free 14y old porn since
this was the first time that I had been in a dance studio, and was surprised
to find rooms that Girls under 18 I couldn't quite put a name to, as well as a few
traditional rooms of simple hardwood flooring and glass mirrors all across
the walls. The music got louder, and I faintly remember it as one of N'Sync
songs, so I knew we were heading the right way.
As we were walking, I wasn't sure if Mike really knew his way around that
well. We seemed to take a long time wandering around, and he kept peeking
down hallways, then changing his erin lover 4ever mind. Maybe he was only supposed to be a
personal kind of body guard, and that usually he didn't spend his time in
the dance studio, since no one was going to abduct the band in there. Still,
we eventually reached 15 yo naked girls a room that was set up like about ten other rooms we
had passed, with a hardwood floor and mirrors ringing all four walls. There
were no windows, but the bright lights still made it seem like it was
To my surprise, there was more than five people in the room. It looked to
be about a dozen, all guys. They all were wearing the same sort of work out
clothes that people wear to the gym, and I recognized Josh right away, but
he wasn't facing the door. The music had no words to it, but it sounded
familiar. I'm sure I've heard it before, but I can't quite put my finger on
it, but I wasn't really paying attention to the music. I just smiled when I
saw Josh, and I congratulated myself on surprising him. I couldn't wait to
see the look on his face when he 10 yr porn pics
saw me. The music ended, as well as the
twirling dance routine, and one of the guys suddenly stepped out of the
three row formation and took charge.
"Ok, looking better, but I can see that everyone is dragging a little on
the fourth jiggy hold, so I want to go over that again." The dude was tall,
blond, and surprisingly athletic. He indicated to someone I couldn't see
from where I was standing, but the music came on again, and then all the
guys started doing this little dance-walk thing, before moving their hands
around and whatever. The leader didn't dance with everyone else, and
instead, walked around them, yelling criticisms to people who were doing it
wrong. Josh spotted me and smiled, and I winked back at him, but didn't want
to interrupt his routine. Unfortunately, seeing me drew him off beat, and
the leader dude yelled angrily, "Cut! What the fuck, Chasez? Think you can
find your own rhythm? You may be the big shot, but you better step when I
say step. Now let's move!" The kamila 18
music cued up again, and a few other people
looked up to see what Josh was looking at. Joey saw me and immediately
frowned before looking away. Justin also spotted me, but he had a "it
figures" kind of look on his face, and he just kept going on.
The music had only been going for about five seconds when that dude started
yelling again. "What the fuck? Now you're all off step, what the..." but
then he caught sight of me and Mike in the doorway, and he saw what had
apparently caused the hold up.
I immediately felt self conscious, as I now had every eye on me, except
Joey's, and it was quiet for a minute.
"Can I help you?" the director said rudely, checking his watch for the
time. I maintained eye contact with Josh for a minute before I realized he
was talking to me. I looked around. Mike had disappeared. "I'm talking to
you, kid, what the hell are you doing here?"
To my surprise, Justin saved my ass on this one. "That's just Austin, he's
our friend." He put a little emphasis on friend, but nothing anyone outside
the group and me ebony 45 camera would know what he was talking about.
I suddenly felt like a complete fool. I had wanted Mike to take me here,
but I didn't want everyone to know, just Josh.
"I...uh...was...just...," I stammered, not sure what I should say. Josh
opened his mouth to defend me, but before he bleach 144 sub could, one of the dancers
suddenly said, "Yo, man, let's get this shit on the go, we ain't got all
night!" He was tall, dark with two headbands instead of one. He also had
what looked like a bandaid under his left eye.
"Hold up, I want to know what this guy wants," said the director, 16yr nude silencing
the black guy.
"I was just watching, cause I got nothing better to do," I said quickly,
trying to make a joke. Noone laughed.
"Sit your ass over there and don't move," he spat, then turned back to the
group. What a dick. 30 gal metal barrel I didn't move from the doorway to where he was pointing,
in order to prove something, I don't know, but he didn't say anything. "Now
that we are through with our interruption, let's get this shit going. Again,
Marie." Marie, I saw now, was a girl in a siemens al140 glass booth at the opposite end of
the room, and she turned a switch, and music blasted out from speakers in
the corners of the the sims2 nude patch
walls. I slumped against the wall in the doorway, and
checked my own watch for the time. 8:15.
I noticed, however, that several guys in that room were definitely checking
me out. I don't know, but the stereotype goes that most dancers are gay, but
who knows what's true or not? There was no mistaking some of these stares,
though. I could practically feel the lust in their eyes. I just stayed
watching Josh and ignored everyone else.
As the routine went on, I saw that the other, non famous dancers really did
more of a work out than N'Sync, because they were constantly moving around
and throwing themselves to the ground, while 3 inch wide dildo
the group was the main
attraction, having to stand still to sing. That other dancer that had spoken
up, too, seemed to be more important, and I wondered if this was that dude
Nelly that Josh had been talking about. He always stood apart from everyone,
and did a bit of his own dance, and he was really good. Better than good,
the dude did more work than anyone else with his spins and thrusts and
It actually wasn't so bad, since I didn't have to hear the wussy pop words,
but I kind of liked watching Josh get all sweaty. He kept flashing smiles at
me that I gingerly returned, and I'm sure a few other people picked up on,
especially if most of em were gay, but who cares. Finally, after they had
literally danced their asses off after about a half an hour, the blond dude
said 30 weeks pregnant they could have another five minute break.
Josh made a beeline for me, and I stood up from where I was sitting on facial wart icd-9 code
floor, with my back against the wall. I hugged him quickly for about a
second. Then held him at arm's length.
"You thought I'd be getting a surprise," I said devilishly, crossing my
arms over my chest.
"I know, I must say I like your video free 13 surprise," he said.
"This is so great, how did you get over here?" he said, slightly out of
breath again, sweat pouring off his forehead.
"Mike," I said simply. "He kind of left after he brought me to the right
"Mike huh? I told him to keep you busy, not bring you back to distract me,"
said 30 somethings free thumbs
lupin the 3rd porn Josh, smiling, but it was little forced. He looked tired as hell.
"I kinda had to weasel him a little to get him to bring me over here, but
it was worth it," I said. "Are you ok?"
"Yeah, just a little tired." He answered, but I could see dark circles
under his eyes.
"Now what are we doing tonight?" I said, hastily changing the subject.
"Patience, boy. I am not going to tell you until nine thirty like I said.
And you are over an hour early."
"I like to be punctual," I answered.
"This is ridiculous."
"Would it be so ridiculous to say that I couldn't wait to see you?"
"No, because I feel exactly the same way. Now about this afternoon..."
"Huh?" We'd already had this conversation, when he called me at the beach
store earlier.
"I really don't feel comfortable..." he started, but he was interrupted. I
smiled. I really didn't feel like being chewed out again for not letting him
know where I was going first.
"Hey Austin," someone said from behind us. It was Lance, and he was
dragging a reluctant Justin with him.
"Hey, what's up?" I said, slapping his hand.
"Not much, just a bunch of hard work. How've you been?" Lance looked almost
as tired as Josh did. Dark circles of sweat covered the arms and neck of his
T shirt, and if I wrang out his white headband, I could have gotten a whole
cup of water.
"Yeah, I've been pretty tired spending the day at the beach," I said, and
Lance and Justin both dropped their jaws in outrage.
"You went to the beach?! Let me see your arm!" demanded Lance. He grabbed
my wrist and examined my slightly tanned arm.
"With whose money?" said Justin. I ignored him, but josh didn't.
"With his own money, and I told Mike to take care of him, since he left his
homework in your car," he said, pointing to Lance. His voice sounded
defeated. I could tell he was getting tired of getting Justin off my ass.
"Justin, will you knock it off? If Josh had paid me off, I would have
probably gone to somewhere a little more expensive than a free beach," I
said, and ass2mouth porn they all laughed, but again it was really forced. They were all
falling down with exhaustion. Even Justin had to lean against the wall to
get his breath back from laughing. I smiled a little. I was determined to
turn him into an ally by the time this 40 something cunt
week was over. After all, now that I
suspected I had been wrong about how he had reacted on Sunday, I had nothing
to hold against him, and knew that since I was being a dick to him, he was
doing the same to me.
"So who is this dude?" someone said, and I saw that it was the guy I
thought might be Nelly, followed by Joey, as they joined our little group.
Joey 12yr sex wasn't frowning anymore. In fact he was beaming. I was immediately
suspicious, what the hell was going on?
"Oh hey, Austin, this fee porn 365 here's Nelly, one of our back ups," joked Josh.
"What the fuck are you talkin' bout, back up? You better back up or you
won't be able to shake your white ass," said Nelly. We all laughed.
I extended my hand, and he did this weird handshake kind of thing that I
let him do. Suddenly, Joey started talking.
"So how's things with Lisa, dude?" he said, looking right at me. Before I
could get over my shock at him talking to me and answer that she hadn't been
in to work today, Nelly interrupted me and said, "She been on my ass,
wanting money to get som'em to wear in Mexico," he said. "You know how dem
females get, you gotta give 'em all yer gold to shut sex 16 yo movies
em up!" Everyone
laughed except me. My jaw just about dropped. Could he 3 ply facial tissue
have been talking
about the same Lisa?
Joey confirmed this with, "Yeah, I didn't see her at work today. You get
her to take the week off?"
"I just said baby, get yoself ready, and she was on that phone like a
mother fucker, telling y'all she won't be in cuz she sick." They all laughed
again, and Joey fixed his stare right at me, smiling evilly.
So this was Lisa's boyfriend. She couldn't have just been going out 1960s porn movies with
someone from her school, it of course had to be the same guy that was
singing with the band in Cancun. What are the fucking odds?
And Joey knew. This wasn't just a "coincidence". He 4 1 bersetzen biel
was still glaring at
me, and I sort of ducked away from the group to get a break for a minute.
Josh raised his eyes at me, but I muttered something about needing a drink
of water, and DON'T follow me, I'm fine, and he let me, reluctantly. I could
feel his eyes on my back as I whipped out of the dance room, but I was too
preoccupied to care.
I doubted they had drinking fountains around here, and if so, I didn't know
how to get to one, so I just sort of walked a ways down the hall. A couple
of guys that I noticed from the formation were coming from one way, so I
assumed there was a bathroom or ben 10 fucks
something over there. I headed over there,
and found the door. I went in, finding it empty, and I splashed water on my
OK. This was a little too real. I mean, I knew all this time that Lisa had
a boyfriend, 13 yo nude pics
but now that he had a face, I couldn't stop thinking about her.
Did you hear him talk about her that way? How awful. I felt so bad for Lisa.
I heard the door open behind me, but I didn't see who it was. I just stared
into the sink while the water ran for the longest time. I splashed more
water on me, and some splashed down my chest, so that my shirt plastered
itself to my body. Shit, I thought, as I pulled my shirt out and started
waving it to get it dry. This is all I need.
"You might have to take it off," said a voice from behind me. I turned
suddenly to see Justin standing behind me. I almost freaked, he scared the
shit out of me.
"Oh hey, dude, what's up?" I said warily, wondering why Justin of all
people had followed me into the bathroom.
"Can I 16 girl fuck video
talk to you for a second?" This sounded familiar.
"Go ahead. I'm listening," I said, reaching for the towel dispenser.
He gave me a look as some other dancer entered the bathroom, so I followed
him out across the hallway, into another room. He closed the door behind us.
"What's up?" I said, still trying to stay friendly.
"First off, I wanted...to...um...apologize to you. I know I've been a real
asshole to you all week, and I wanna say I'm sorry," he said, not quite
looking at me. Was I hearing him right?
"Whoa, whoa. Josh didn't put you up to this, did he?" I said cautiously, a
big smile crossing my face.
He looked up, eyes flashing for a second, but seeing me grin, he smiled
too. "Fuck you, naturist girl 13 no I'm totally serious."
"In that case, I accept your apology. And I guess I'm sorry too. I can be
an asshole too, 'specially when someone's being an asshole back. Can I ask
you something though?"
"Why are you apologizing? Joey thinks I'm the biggest ass in the world, but
why are you being so cool all of a sudden?"
He sighed. Whatever it was he had to say, it was obviously hard for him. I
gave him time, and looked around the room, which seemed to be some sort of
sound booth.
"I guess you better sit down, cause this will probably take awhile," he
"Don't you only have, like a five minute break?"
He considered it. "Ok, I don't have time right now. Later, after the
rehearsal, can we talk? Without Josh?"
I bit my lip. "I don't know naked 15y.o
about that. He's still pretty pissed that I
left without calling him 4 pound jump ropes this morning, and he has some sort of surprise for
me later tonight," I answered.
"How bout you drop by my place after that then?"
"Sure. I'll tell Josh that we have to talk." I 31 december playmates got up to leave.
"No wait!!" I looked at him, confused.
"Can you like, try and not tell Josh where you are?"
I 12 yo japanese sluts studied him for caverta 10 a minute. What was so important that we had to keep it
from josh?
"Just please, I'm going to tell him later, but I think its best if you hear
it from me first."
"Please?" he interrupted. He stared into me, his eyes pleading. I really
didn't like lying to Josh. I hated it. But if he was going to tell Josh
anyway...plus he had got me curious as hell.
"I guess. It'll be hard, but I think I'll be able to come over around
eleven or so." I said finally. I hoped that whatever Josh's surprise was, it
wouldn't last long.
"Perfect. Thanks man."
"Sure, I guess." I was still unsure if this was the right thing to do. But,
I guess I had no choice. I wanted to know what was up with Justin, and I
decided that this way I would be able to ask him about how he had reacted on
Sunday (crying and everything) and how I had took it to mean he wanted Josh,
and then today how he had acted like it was no big deal. I wouldn't be able
to do that in front of Josh.
"Ok, well I gotta get back. I'll see you later, k?"
"Ok," I said dazedly. I followed him out of the suddenly very small
recording booth.
Everyone was waiting for Justin by the time we got back, and that director
glared at me for keeping him. I ignored him.
"OK, we're starting from Justin's entrance, let's go," he said, and Marie
started the music.
The rest of the rehearsal was uneventful. I tuned out everything, and
played snake on my cell phone for awhile, so that I wouldn't be distracted
imagining what Justin had to tell me. Finally, at a quarter MOVE8 ZOO SEX FREE to eleven, the
guy said "Ok, that'll do for now. I want to see your smiling faces tomorrow
at ten thirty. Don't be late."
I got up and waited for Josh to drink out of a water bottle and towel off
his forehead with a white towel before trotting over to him.
"Who were you calling?" he said as I approached.
"Huh? No one. I was just playing with my phone," I said defensively. Josh
was acting really weird lately. He was acting really overbearing. It was
probably just stress, I guess.
"Well, you ready?"
"Yeah, let's go."
"I have to change first."
"Of course," I said, smiling. hymen 14 jpg He caught the joke and blushed.
About ten minutes after that, he drove me back to the apartment complex,
and we talked a little bit about nothing in particular.
As we pulled i am fool-14 into the parking lot, I started to remind him about my
"For someone who doesn't like surprises, you sure are curious," he
commented. I socked him in the arm.
We walked down to his apartment, and I ran through my head a million things
that he could possibly surprise me with. I hoped that it would be something
dumb, like a signed CD or baseball tickets, or something, so that I wouldn't
feel so bad about having nothing to give him.
Josh unlocked his door and I followed him inside, where he turned off the
alarm system, and dumped all his stuff on the table next to the
door. Finally, I had had enough., "Is this the surprise or what?"
"So impatient. Maybe you won't get your surprise," he 9 song sex secenes teased.
I sighed again, and checked my watch. We had spent so long that it was
already twenty till midnight, and I was actually more interested in what
Justin had to say than Josh's surprise.
"Why do you keep checking your watch?" he asked. I blinked at him, but I
couldn't come up with a good enough lie.
"An I? I...um...just wanted to watch something on TV later," I said lamely.
He studied me for a minute, but I dropped my gaze and suddenly found myself
checking my watch again.
"Well, I might as well surprise you now," he said, reaching into 1940 stockings and suspenders his back
pocket. Uh oh. He pulled out a small slip of paper.
Please be Dodgers tickets. Creed tickets. Even Opera tickets. I prayed
"This is a VIP pass that'll get you into MTV Spring Break," he said,
smiling broadly. He was plainly expecting me to jump for joy. Instead, I
tried to imagine how much that piece of paper cost. At least five hundred
dollars. I couldn't believe it. He had practically forced me to come to Palm
Springs, and here he was with another very expensive plane ticket. Didn't he
I couldn't accept the pass. How could I? I would never be able to pay him
back. Plus, I wasn't helping the situation between the group any more. I was
making the wedge even wider, and my accompanying Josh to Mexico was not
going to be a good idea. Plus, Lisa was going to be in Mexico too, and I
decided that I really didn't want to talk to her anyway, especially after
Joey had already scared her off. It was better if I never saw her for the
rest of my life.
And Josh was so strained lately, trying to get everything set up for this
performance, and he felt so guilty about having to work. I'm sure that
things wouldn't get any easier in Cancun, and one frazzled, stressed-out
Josh wouldn't be a good idea. It was better if I ducked out before the
concert, so that Josh would be able to 11 march celebrity birthdays get through it clear-headed, instead
of worrying about how I was getting along like he had been doing all week,
and springing expensive lunches and surprises on me that I never would have
been able to afford.
I frowned at the paper. I didn't want to have to hurt Josh, but...
"Josh I can't go to Cancun with you."
"What?" he said, sounding surprised. "Why not?"
"Because...because it's not good for us," I said, trying to think 3gpsexmelayu com of the
right words.
"What do you mean?"
"Well, you're adult bookstores 76039 really stressed out enough about this MTV thing, 15yo naked pussy and also
about Joey and Chris," I said carefully.
"What do you mean? I don't care about Joey and Chris! As long as we're
together it doesn't matter what other people th..."
"I don't mean about us, I mean about how guilty you feel about not being as
close to them as you are to Justin and Lance," I interrupted. 12yo boy naked free Josh fell
silent, so I knew I hit gold.
"I'm not an idiot. I can see that you guys aren't as close as you make it
seem on TV. And I think that my being here is making it worse," I said.
"But I want you here, with me!" Josh insisted.
"I want to be with you too, Josh, but not so that you're fighting with all
your friends and getting in trouble with your managers and stuff! You don't
need me for that, and I'd just be getting in the way."
"I don't care what anybody thinks, Austin. You know that. And 16yo illegal
you are not
causing fights, we're always like this around crunch time. We start snapping
at each other before concerts and stuff, its ok, really. No lasting damage."
"Really?" I said, though I knew he was just sugarcoating everything for my
"Yes. And if that's all you're worried about, then you have no choice. You
are coming with me, whether you like it or not."
"Don't even start! You're coming. I will handle everything. Don't you worry
your pretty little head about it."
I frowned. There was still one thing keeping me from agreeing with Josh
that everything would be fine. "How much did this cost?" I said flatly. Josh
looked up and sighed.
"I knew that this was going to be about money again. Austin, you are my
guest, and my boyfriend. Don't listen to Joey, I don't think that you are
trying to put the moves on me for money. Joey is just stupid, ok?"
"No buts. It was actually more expensive to fly you here from Seattle," he
said. I blanched, and started to apologize, but he held up a hand.
"Austin, I love you. Nothing is going to change that. Not Joey, not my
manager, and not the people that dream up ticket prices."
"I still can't go with you." I said.
"What? Why not?" he insisted, his eyes looking pained.
"Because...because...," I was going to tell him all about Lisa. I really
was. But that look in his eyes was something I never want to see again. And
telling him about Lisa would not make the look turn into a smile. free sex 70 I hung my
head. I couldn't think of anything else to say.
"Please?" he said finally, his eyes turning puppy dog, as he grabbed both
my hands in his. He leaned close and kissed me, softly. I sighed.
"When do we leave?"give me some feedback, even if its just to wish me a happy belated birthday,
which was June 24th. Nobody forget, now. scottiescothotmail.com. Later.
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