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Subject: My Island pt. free pics pedoporn video 4This is a fictional story dealing with love and consensual sexual
activities between males. pedophil erotic photos If you are not of legal age, reside in an area
where viewing such material is illegal, or are offended by homosexuality
and/or homosexual themes, leave this site now.The author retains all rights to this story. No reproductions or links to
other sites are allowed without the permission of the author.Thanks again for all of the great emails! I was very touched by the
overwhelming messages of concern for the character Brandon. I hope that my
readers will understand that in order to deal honestly with the subject
matter at hand, that it is sometimes necessary to show both sides of the
coin when considering sexual relationships with boys. I assure you that I
in NO WAY condone, encourage, or celebrate the abuse of children. Please
note that the following chapter also deals with some violent themes, though
none are sexual in nature. Thanks for keeping this series alive with your
wonderful support. I guarantee that if you stick through it with this
chapter, you will be pedo gallery young girls well rewarded in chapter 5!Thanks!~JSL
My Island-pt 4______________________________________________________________________________
"What if I could take you and your friends away from here forever?" I
whispered as my hand caressed the soft cheek of the young boy lying next to
me."Don't" he dismissed, lowering his eyes."Don't what?" I asked, knowing full well why he had responded negatively."You don't have to go there man," he continued to look away."What do you mean?" "You paid me man," he looked into my eyes again, but this time his
expression grew cold. "It's cool. You don't need to act like you care.""That's not fair." I pedo pics underground snapped, my hand now cupping his cheek. "I have never
treated you like a whore. You know that I care about you and your brother.""I know you do," he now looked very sullen, "it's just...well, I've heard
that so many times now. 'Let's feel sorry for the little foster kid take
himhome forever. But then they dump you when they no longer find you cute""Well," I began cautiously, "that certainly wasn't my intention, and I
don't have any illusions about having you be my little live in whore. I
justknow how I feel about you and thought that you would like to get away from
here is all.""Are you being totally serious?" He began to brighten up somewhat, although
still looking reluctant, "I mean, well, yeah I would like to get the fuck
outtahere. I hate it here. But I belong to the State man, not that they would
give a fuck if one more foster kid disappeared," he gave a sarcastic little
laughbut I could tell he felt the pain of being unwanted very deeply,
"'s not just me. I don't go anywhere without my brother.""I have no intention of pedophil picturs separating you and your brother. In fact I want to
take all of your friends with us. And as for the State...well, I promise
youwe'll go where they can never find you.""Oh nympho pedo porn yeah," he smirked, "and where would that magical place be?""My island" I smiled.The screeching of tires and the blaring of horns shook me from my dream. I
watched through the smoky pedofilia baby analsex video glass as the limousine driver waved his arms and
mouth what I was sure were many colorful obscenities at the cabbie who had
cut us off. Only a dream, only a momentary flash of life flying through the
whirlwind that was my mind these days.It had been a real chore dropping the boys off at the Wells Home. It had
taken about ten good minutes to calm Jack down as he cried and kept asking
'why can't we stay with you?'. It was heartbreaking. I couldn't help but
feel a little bit empty pedo preview
as we drove off through the pedoporn portal
city streets. What the
hell was wrong with me? What the hell was it about these two boys that pedofilia little girl had
such a stranglehold on my heart? You have to understand, I have been all
over the world and have enjoyed the company of dozens of street
boys. They're all sad, they all have a rough life. That's why their on the
streets. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not some heartless bastard who just
uses boys for my own gratification. I only said this because I was finding
myself baffled by why these two particular streetboys were any
different. Why had they been able to steal my heart and soul?"I have got to get my head pedoworld video on straight," I sighed as I entered the hotel
suite and passed my coat to Xin Mae."I sense the Sir is struggling over his young friends," Xin Mae smiled as
she poured me a Brandy."Why!?" I perplexed as I slipped out of my clothes, "Why are pedo raped porn these boys any
different then all of the others?""Perhaps Sir has found something he has been looking for in young Master
Jonathan?" she smiled again, slyly as she handed me the Brandy."I just need to get this deal done and get the fuck sex pic pedo out of this city," I
took a huge swallow of the Brandy."Perhaps Sir needs to be honest with self," she took the glass back from me
after I had killed it."Perhaps I just need to go to sleep," verry young boys pedo
I silenced the discussion."As Sir wishes," Xin Mae nodded and left the room.I climbed into the massive canopy bed and covered my naked body with the
oversized duvet. My eyes drifted open and closed and I floated through a
sea of fleeting thoughts and ideas. I began to see Jonathan and Jack's
faces very clearly. There beautiful smiles lit up everything around
them. They were a vision of love and raw boy sexuality. All of the sudden
their faces melted away and I saw the dark image of the dank backstreets of
the city. The imaged came into focus and I could pedo young fuck make out my two loves
being fucked by two greasy old men. The old men laughed as they dumped
their loads all over the shamed boy's backs. I saw in the distance a line
of dirty pedo sites shy old men just waiting to get their hands on my angels. I then saw
them standing at the bus depot begging for food and money. Their sad faces
filled my head. I tossed and turned and held a giant pillow over my head as
I let out pedo pics for free an agonizing scream."Xin Mae!" I shouted.I sat up on the edge of the bed and held my head in my hands."Sir!?" Xin Mae stood at the doorway to toplist pedo lo
my room."I need your help..."
"I thought that you were'nt gonna fuck with that sick bastard anymore?"
Jonathan winced as he surveyed the damage to ukraine pedo his friends swollen hole."Well...," Brandon pulled back pedo stories preeteen fisting
a little as his friend started applying
ointment to his tender ass, "it's pedo rusian girls not like I have a whole lot of options ya
know?""What do you mean?" Jonathan rubbed the ointment in between his hands to
warm it up this time before he touched Brandon again."I mean I'm not like you Jonathan," he looked away, "I have to get it
anyway I can.""Aw for fuck pedo extreme yo child sake Brandon," Jonathan closed the tube and threw it onto the
nightstand, "would you spare me the tiny dick shit. I mean fuckin' hell fucking what!?""Easy for you to say," the boy's pride was obviously pedo xxx sex
holding a deeper
wound, "you don't know what it's like to be laughed at and teased. I'm
almost 14 yrs old and I bet your brother's hung better than I am.""Jesus Brandon," Jonathan got up and then laid back down next to his
vulnerable friend, "you have the best looks of all of us. You are bigger,
stronger, faster," Jonathan grabbed the boy's stiffening prick, "and sexier
than all of us put together.""Stop Jonathan," Brandon pushed his friend's hand away from his rigid
prick, "I don't need your pity.""It's not pity, you ass," Jonathan corrected." don't have to is all I'm saying." Brandon became glassy eyed."What if I want to?" Jonathan asked as pedo illegal hot he leaned in and gave his friend a
deep, wet kiss.The two friends locked in a loving embrace. Jonathan resumed his rubbing of
Brandon's stiff cock. Brandon moaned slightly but Jonathan could tell that
his friend was somewhat uncomfortable. Brandon had made his less than
average penis the focus for everything that was inadequate in his life. It
would take a lot of work to get the boy to really experience pure
pleasure. Brandon ran his fingers up under the leg of Jonathan's
shorts. Jonathan rarely ever wore a shirt when he was at home, so Brandon
moved down pedoland cp video and sucked in his friend's nipple. Jonathan cooed and picked up
the pace with his hand. Jonathan pulled his friend on top of him and opened
his legs to make him more comfortable. Jonathan could feel the tip of
Brandon's hot prick poking beneath his balls so he picked his legs up and
held them against his chest. Brandon look confused and hesitated. He could
tell that Jonathan was giving him access to his boyhole, but stalled as the
feelings of inadequacy pedo fuck gallerie came rushing back."Go for it man," Jonathan smiled as he pulled his ass cheeks apart."I..." Brandon looked scared to death."You'll fit just fine man," Jonathan winked at pedo kids porno his nervous friend realizing
that he dirty angels rompl pedo had probably never even had the opportunity to fuck someone.Brandon lined the head of his prick against pedo video pic the opening of Jonathan's hot
ass and leaned forward little asian girls pedo to gain entrance. The tip of his head easily popped
in and Brandon held it there for a minute. Jonathan grabbed Brandon's hips
and pulled the bigger boy down on top of him, forcing his cock to plunge
inside to the hilt. Brandon let out a low moan as he felt the inside of an
ass for the first time. Jonathan smiled at his friend."Now fuck me man!" Jonathan ordered, "fuck me good."Brandon began to pump in and out of the beautiful boy beneath him. It took
him a moment to get down a rhythm, but once he had it right, the two boys
moved together in a union of flesh. Jonathan went all out for his friend as
he moaned and groaned alize pedo porno with pleasure...some real....most acted. Brandon
seemed to really get off on watching his prick slide in and out of
Jonathan's juicy pucker. He loved watching the boy's balls bounce and slide
around his crotch as he plowed into him."I'm gonna shoot Jonathan!" Brandon's pumping grew slower and more irratic
as he dumped his hot boyjuice into his friends sweet ass."Aaawww!" Jonathan groaned as he shot his own load onto his belly.The boys collapsed into each other and drifted off to sleep.
The next pedo sex pics
afternoon Jonathan, Jack, and Owen were hanging out in the quad
area when Brandon came flying through the doors. Almost tripping over a
gathering of younger boys playing with action figures one the grass, he
bounded towards them. Jonathan instictively moved in front of his younger
brother as Brandon came to a crashing halt in front of them."Dude!," he panted as he tried to catch his breath, "you guys aren't gonna
fuckin' believe this shit!""What!?!" they chimed in unison."I just met up boy pedo porn
with Charles who said that Mr. Hill is willing to take
whatever we've managed to save up and get us the fuck outta here!", he
stood up, still red in the face, "I even asked about Max and Simon, and he
was like cool!""No fuckin' way," Jonathan looked around in amazement."Fuckin' sweet man!" Owen exclaimed, "we are so fuckin' outta here!""It's on for tomorrow at three o' clock," Brandon put a hand on ilegal pedo sites
shoulder for balance, still wiped out from the run, "we're meeting at the
old warehouse by the northside train yard."________________________________________________________________________
I pedo links russia waited for him tiny pedophile by the deck railing overlooking the street below. I was
still feeling unbelievably torn by the whole situation. I knew what I felt
in my heart for this amazing boy and his little firecracker of a brother,
but I also knew the realities of the street boy life. Would he really see
me as more than just a man who paid him to have sex? My question would be
answered sooner than I thought."Guess what? Guess what?!" he bounded through the sliding glass doors and
jumped into my arms. We locked our lips together in a sweet embrace."What is it my love?" I smiled."We're getting out tomorrow!" he exclaimed. My heart sank."What!?" I was in shock."Brandon saw Charles today, 'member pedo porno site
Charles, the kid that knows Mr. Hill
the social worker?" he clung to my neck."I remember," I replied."Well he said that he'll take the money we have saved up, and that'll be
enough!" he excitement was not shared."But I thought that you had a ways to go before you had the full amount?" I
tried to sound interested, pedo porn from russia
inside I was dying."He said that Mr. Hill said that this is the last time he's gonna do it. He
said that he is gonna be leaving the Country after this one and that he
wanted to take all the money he could with him." he was still as bright as
before."I don't know Jonathan," I hated myself for playing devil's advocate, "have
you really thought about this?""What the hell are you talking about," his face dropped along with his body
as he now stood defensively before me."I just meant have you naturist pedophilia magazines thought about how you are going to survive?" I tried
to sound as supportive as possible."How I'll survive?" he grew more hostile,"I don't fucking care how I'll
survive! I just care that I'll be outta here!""But what about Jack?" I raised my tone somewhat, "how will he survive? You
and your friends can pedo sex movie links get pedo portal sex by on the streets, but he's only five! Is that the
life you want for him? Selling his body to get food? You know what those
perverts will do to him!""You mean those perverts like you!" he scolded,"you're not my fuckin' Dad!
You're just another pervert who pays to fuck little boys!""Jonathan!" I shouted, scaring him, "I am not one of those guys and I have
never treated you like a whore. I just don't want you to get hurt. I know
that you can take care of yourself. But how will you get by when you don't
have a place to go home when you're done making money?""Fuck you man..." he was trembling with anger, "I'm not hearing anymore of
this shit. You just want me to stay at that hell hole so that I can be here
for you to fuck! Well...fuck you!""Jonathan!," I shouted to him as he ran back through the suite, "Jonathan!
Come back!"But he was gone. I collapsed onto a chair by the pool. I lowered my head vicki pedo sex pics to
my hands and fought back tears until I could not fight anymore. I wept for
my boy. Why had I been so forceful? Why had I not tried to talk to him more
patiently?"Sir has had words with the young one?" Xin Mae handed me a glass of vodka."I think that he's gone forever," I slammed down the drink in a single
gulp."Perhaps Sir wishes me to go after the boy?" she stood before me."No," I spoke from within my hands, "let him go.""As Sir wishes," she turned and went back inside.Perhaps it was better this way. How could child porn pedo sites I hope to change this child's
life. He was right. I didn't want him to leave me. But I knew free pedo fuck that that
would mean that he would have to stay in that dump Wells Home, and he would
die there. There was nothing I could do. He was pedo funlumpkins pussy toplist right, I was not his
father, I was just another pervert who liked to fuck him. Bullshit! I was
not like the other men in his life. I truly cared for this child, and for
his brother Jack. I would do anything to protect him and give him the life
he had never dreamt possible. I was filled with an overwhelming sense of
love for my young angel. I would protect him; even from himself."Xin Mae!" I shouted into the air."Yes Sir?" she rushed out to the deck."We have work to do!"
"Are we almost there yet?" Jack asked for the third time as he struggled to
keep with his brother and the other boys."I told you five minutes ago!" Jonathan had grown impatient with his
brother's nagging."Sorry," Jack panted as he held onto Jonathan's hand.The pack weaved in and out of foot 3d pedo cp toplist
traffic as they made their way towards
the train yard in the distance. Each boy had a small back pack slung across
one shoulder. Inside they had stuffed everything they held dear. It was
hard to determine which was walking who, the backpack or Jack. The boys
left the scatterings of buildings behind them as the hopped across tracks
and muddled through the gravel. As they approached the abandoned warehouse
where they were to meet Charles and Mr. Hill, they paused to catch their
breath. They made it to the door to the broken down building and were met
by a waiting kids illegal boy pedo Charles."You're late!" Charles scolded."Sorry," Brandon spoke for the group, "we got a little lost downtown."I'm just fuckin' with you dude!" he laughed. The boys chuckled, but were
too nervous to really join Charles' fun.Once inside they saw a tall, thin man standing next to a beat up chevy
van. They lined up in front of the man they assumed was Mr. Hill and waited
for him to speak."So boys," he began, "I assume you'll want to see the proof of your release
from the State's custody before we exchange monies.Brandon and Jonathan followed him over to the back of the van where a
folder containing the verified documents lay open for their
inspection. They scanned over the papers, neither of them really pedo boy rape galleries
what they were really looking at. When they were satisfied, they returned
to the others."Everything's in order then?' Mr. Hill asked."Looks good to me," Brandon tried to sound like he knew what he was talking
about."Then pedo boys ass fuck we have a deal?" Mr. porn pedo cp links
Hill motioned to the bag of money in Brandon's
hand."Yep," he threw the bag over to the man.Mr. Hill took a look through the bag and smiled at Charles. Charles then
told the boys to get into the van."What?" Brandon asked cautiously."You heard me," Charles pointed towards the back of the van, "hop in.""Why?" Owen asked."You didn't think we'd leave you to just wander around the city and get
picked up by truant officers did you?" he chuckled, the van roared to a
start, "we'll get you out of the city, then you're on your own.""That's ok," Brandon spoke up, "we've got our own plans.""Yeah," Max chimed in nervously, "thanks anyway.""Fuckin' hell," Charles complained, pulling a gun from behind his back,
"get in the FUCKIN VAN!"The boys jumped back in terror as Charles waved the 45 caliber pistol at
them. He pointed towards Max and Simon and then at the van."What the hell is going on here?" Jonathan demanded as Jack began to cry."What's going on?" Charles grabbed Max and threw him in the back of the
van."What's going on!?" he shoved Owen and then Simon in behind Max."What's going on is that you and your friends aren't fuckin' going anywhere
except on this van!" he laughed."And shut him the fuck up!" Charles yelled at Jonathan to stop his
brother's now hysterical crying."Why are you doing this?" Brandon asked in a panicked voice."You'll find out soon enough," he smirked and then a look of rage fell over
his face, "and I said to shut...him...up!"With that Charles struck Jack in the head with the butt of the gun sending
him to the ground in a violent thud."I'LL KILL YOU, YOU SON OF A BI...!" pedo illegal hardcore Jonathan lunged for the older boy. But
he was faster and grabbed Jonathan by the throat shoving the muzzle of the
weapon into his mouth. Blood began to pour out of the young boy's gaping
mouth and out around the gun."ENOUGH!" pedo female naked
Mr. Hill had gotten out of the van to check on the delay,"get
them in the fucking van you idiot! And extrim pedo stop damaging the merchandise!"Charles ordered Brandon to pick Jack up and put him in the van. Brandon did
as he was ordered and picked Jack up, blood now trickling from the gash in
his forehead, the boy limp...but breathing."Now you miserable little fuck," Charles had not yet removed the gun from
Jonathan's mouth, "you're gonna get on this van and you're gonna sit there
and not say a fucking word. Or I promise you, you'll be a fuckin' ghost by
nightfall!"_____________________________________________________________________________"I was afraid of this," I flipped through the papers in the file Xin Mae
had gathered on Charles and Mr. Hill."Mr. Hill isn't a social worker," I continued, "in fact he hasn't worked
for the Department in two years.""Mr. Reginald Hill was a computer programmer who had been contracted by the
Department of Child and Family Services to design and implement the new
database system that has been getting them so much attention. He must have
designed it so that he could have remote access to the secure server
without being logged. So he checks the system every once in a while and
finds the boys that fit the profile he's after. See, look at the files of
Jonathan , Jack, and the others. They child nude pedo are all completely free from their
parents. Some are dead, and in the case of Jonathan and Jack, the father's
disappeared and the mother has had her rights taken away. So really, no one
would miss them if they just vanished. He has access to everything on them,
dental, medical, case notes. He's knows everything the department does
about these kids. If he's as good as I think he is, he can pick out the
ones who will go along with his scam." I took a breath before continuing."So he picks the boys, then he sends tiny girls pedo Charles in to sell them all on the
scam," I was growing more and more angry with each passing moment, "and
then he sells them.""The word on the streets is that he splits them up and sends them to buyers
around the country, who in turn sell them to foreign markets," Xin Mae
added, "he's getting around 50k a piece for them. I have checked his
financial statements and they do not reflect the income. So he is using the
black market bank to hold his capital. According to my sources in Chicago,
he has been averaging about 5 to 7 children a run, with four runs total
since he began two years ago.He's been using the train yard to move the
children through""Four runs at a 1/4 million a piece can buy a lot of silence." I paused to
catch up with the swirling thoughts in my head."Sir is very correct," Xin Mae acknowledged, "I paid my contacts 300k for
this information.""We pedo sex pixs are running out of time," I rubbed my forehead, "in order to keep
something like selling children hidden and protected, he'd have to have the
blessing of Don Sangiovanni.""That is correct Sir," Xin Mae nodded."But Don Sangiovanni will be hard pressed to give up Hill if he has paid
tribute and has been given protection," I closed my eyes."Yes pedo porn clips Sir,""We don't have a choice Xin Mae," I opened my eyes and shoved the file into
my briefcase, "reach out to Don Sangiovanni and set up a meeting, It is 1pm
now which gives us two hours to convince the Don to give up Hill and stop
them before young school boy pedo my boys are lost forever.""As you wish Sir," Xin Mae retreated free pedo world downloads
to the living room of the suite and
began making calls.I was teen naked pedo filled with urgency. My boys were in peril and I couldn't help them
yet. Their meeting with Hill was at 3pm, but we had no information as to
where that was, Xin Mae's sources, while well paid and free with good
information, were in Chicago and so they only knew about the Chicago
locations. I would have to be able to convince the Don to break his oath of
protection asian pedo teens
regarding Hill, a feat not easily done in the world of pedo anal free movie organized
crime."Sir," Xin Mae broke through my inner struggle, "I have called for the
helicopter. It will be on the roof in ten minutes. The Don will gladly give
you audience at pedo ilegal in brazil
2:30pm. I expressed the urgency and he regrets that he will
not be free until that time.""Fuck!" I hissed, "that gives us no time! We will not be spared a
second."We left the room and met the helicopter on the roof and made our exit into
the mid day sun.____________________________________________________________________________
"All right," the gay pedo porn van came to a halt, Jonathan could feel it slide a little
and figured that they must be on gravel, "stay put and I'll be right around
to get you boys out."Mr. Hill jumped out of the van and slammed the door behind
himself. Jonathan glared at Charles who remained in the passenger seat, download pedo movies his
eyes never leaving Jonathan's and his hand planted firmly on the butt of
his gun. The back doors flung open and light flooded the cargo area. The
boys shrunk back and covered their eyes at the blazing sun as it poured
in. Jack was awake now and the boys had managed to get the bleeding to stop
from his forehead. The tiny cut would need stitches and Jonathan knew that
it would probably not be done anytime soon. Two large men stood on either
side of Mr. Hill. The men grabbed the boys one by one and hand cuffed them
together. The line of boys was then walked to the edge of a runway leading
up into a box car. At Mr. Hill's signal the boys were taken on board the
train and propped up against the side. Jack moaned lightly and Jonathan
knew that his head must be in terrible pain. Jack had however, learned not
to cry. Charles jumped on board and tripped over a loose floor board. He
crashed down upon the floor and Simon let out a laugh."Think that's funny you little prick bastard!?" before anyone could react
the older boy was on his feet and lunging towards the pack of boys. With a
single fluid motion, he kicked Simon in the chest, doubling him over
instantly."Charles!" Mr. Hill shouted, "what the fuck did I tell you about damaging
the goods!? Now sit the fuck down before you ruin my whole shipment. I'm
already gonna have to waste the little one. No one's gonna take him with
his face all black and blue." Jonathan looked at his brother, his face had
begun to swell and redden."But the little sh...""Sit the fuck down!" Hill grew more and more angered."Where are you taking us?" Brandon asked,"You'll see my pedo animation boy," he smiled, "I'll explain it all to you very soon.""I wanna go home," Simon whimpered, still holding his chest."This is home now little pedo illegal photo
one," the train began to roll, "next
"Il benvenuto, da il benvenuto il mio vecchio amico," Don Sangiovanni's
booming voice greeted us we entered his low light office.It was somewhat cliche I must admit, but his office was located in the
penthouse of the Grand hotel in downtown Chicago. It was beautifully
decorated with fine paintings and trimmed in brass, not that you could
really appreciate them as you fought to focus in the scarce light. Don
Sangiovanni was an old man, wise and very powerful, but old. He was
bothered by bright light and spent most of his time cursing its warm
glow. He sat behind a large oak desk, slowly romancing a fine Cuban cigar,
his short and plump son Anthony at his side. Anthony was a loathsome, but
mainly harmless, toad of a man. He would someday take over The Family, I
thought I knew must have kept the Don awake many pedo cum child
nights."Thank you for seeing us Don Sangiovanni," I motioned for Xin Mae to wait
in the outer office."

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